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Carino Collective x Mario Rodrigues
Carino Collective X Mario Rodrigues

A collaboration of with the talented Soulciety brothers, CarinoCollective, and multi-talented dancer-personality-photographer, Mario Rodrigues. April 2015 Hair • Jesselyn Mueller

April 25, 2015
AstraLogik Domingo cover
Know Your Roots x Domingo Soriano

A collaboration between SariSariUnderground, Domingo Soriano and AstraLogik.

March 26, 2015
Rey Devega X Dream Awake

What began as a videoshoot, ended as one of our favorite whimsical photoshoots to date. Improvised and curated by Rey

April 25, 2014
AstraLogik David Nevrez
AstraLogik Version 2.0

Flashes back to a time when AstraLogik was known as CHARITOxFUNKCH3N, Rowena’s dreads were still little babies and Charito had

March 15, 2013
The Cottage

Chronicles of the cottage that incubate our love, our music, our spirits into playful flames. PHOTOGRAPHY • Delumpa Photography

August 25, 2011
Mike Pacis
Rays of Dawn

Before any original music, before any recognizable Union, all we had was the similar interest in music & spark of

April 25, 2011
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