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AstraLogik is a series of circles… an eternal bond between two singer -songwriters, entwined with listeners and interlaced with the realms of physical reality and the spiritual unknown. These indestructible circles are crafted by the resounding principles of love and self empowerment that every soul deserves.

Rowena is of the stars, the duo’s “Astra Warrior.” She wields her weapons of spirit in the forms of electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. While Rowena hovers above, Charito is one with the earth & Human “Logik” below. She infuses the group’s melodies with her vocals and beat machine.

Through their celestial lyrics and neo-soul melodies, these starry-voiced musicians have combined forces to release their messages of Love and Equality into the universe. Their music knows no confines; you will hear the notes and rhythms of acoustic, neo-soul, island, and electronica wafting into your ears. Hypnotic voices and lyrics full of peace and wanting encompass their sound. One doesn’t just listen to AstraLogik, but feels them.

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